These are generally slow animals. and with such a potent defense, what’s the need to rush. I’m sure everything else rushes away. Although these animals are known for their spraying. They rather not spray at all. They spray as a last resort when intimidation methods do not work.

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Pest Library Description

Skunks more than a smell

Adults are about 2 feet long including the tail and weigh between 3-10 pounds.
Age, sex, time of the year, and physical condition can make males are 15 percent larger.
Skunks can swim and are poor climbers, with their sense of smell, sight and hearing being judged as poor to average.
The skunks sense of touch is acute. They have minimal to no fur on the bottom of its paws, similar to raccoons and bears.
Striped skunks are omnivores eating most whatever is available in the area.


Normally solitary creatures, male, and females get together for breeding in February and march.
After a 60 day gestation the female births between 2-10 young with an average between(5-7).
They do not hibernate however they retreat underground and remain dormant for the colder winter days. It is very likely to find at this time several in a single den, primarily for warmth. Dens containing mothers and their young throughout the year. This animal will have several different burrowed dens. In winter, it remains isolated to one.

Disease and Virus

They are host to fleas, lice, ticks and a several other pathogens and parasites. skunks die from diseases such as pneumonia, pulmonary aspergillosis, tularemia, brucellosis, rabies and several others. Please do not attempt to handle this animal.

Our Services

We capture this animal on location without tracking/trapping methods. We remove and relocate complete dens or a solitary skunk. With a continuous trapping/tracking if needed.

 Skunks top speed is about 10 mph. A skunk can still spray when picked up by its tail, contrary to popular belief.  This animal by size resembles a cat. however, I promise this is not the animal for cute cuddly games. skunks stamp their front paws as an intimidation method. 

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