These animals carry serious viruses that can be transmitted to human and pets alike. Raccoons are aggressive animals and are very intelligent. raccoons are cousins to bears and altho they much rather avoid human contact. A sick animal or a scared animal may attack, please do not try to feed and handle this animal.

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Pest Library Description

Raccoon is a cousin to Bears

Range in size from 28 to about 40 inches this includes their 10-inch tail.
Weighing between 10-30lbs with males being larger and heavier than females.
There was a recorded raccoon weighing in at 40 pounds. Raccoons are omnivores and they will eat smaller rodents and garden fruits and vegetables. Raccoons make several different noises including barks, chirps, a chur, even a piercing scream to name a few.


In most cases by late autumn raccoons have eaten enough to produce a heavier layer of fat to sustain warmth over the winter months although they do not truly hibernate, raccoons sleep soundly in winter months and eat whatever they can find at this time. when temperatures are below 25 degrees.

raccoon on location

Breeding takes place in January or February with a 2 month gestation period the young are born in march. With a usual litter between 3-5, cubs weighing about 3 ounces at birth covered in grayish yellow fur. The pups are able to open their eyes in about 3 weeks after birth and can accompany mom on short trips in 4 weeks. Raccoons exhibit some social hierarchy with the most dominant being the older males or order females with pups.

Disease and Virus

Raccoons can carry and transmit up to or more than 200 pathogens and viruses. raccoon roundworms are one of the most common. These worms are present in raccoon droppings and the eggs of these worms are so small and light in weight. That they can become airborne and inhaled by humans. Leptospirosis is another microorganism transmitted in this animal’s urine and droppings. Rabies is a reason to be cautious with any wild animal.

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We capture relocate animals safely in your attic or walls. We have specialized traps to remove this animal from the chimney and other inaccessible human areas. In the most situation, we can have this animal captured and removed within 72hrs. We also at no additional cost provide hole closings. We can also measure and fit chimney caps upon request.

 Raccoons generally have several hiding dens within a neighborhood. Raccoon diseases are easily transmitted among each other when population number are out of control.  A raccoon may growl at you to warn off interaction. The mother generally keeps her pup over the first winter of their life before allowing them to fend for their self.

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