YellowJacket Wasp

YellowJacket Wasp

The yellow jacket is a wasp This wasp is aggressive and can sting multiple times. This wasp will chase you away from its hive if it feels threatened. This wasp is commonly around humans and human foodstuffs.

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Pest Library Description

Yellowjacket wasp is often confused with paper wasp due to their like habits. Yellowjacket wasp will readily sting and defend their selves. They will sting aggressively and repeatedly, Yellowjackets create a large hive type nest in wall voids or underground. Aerial yellow jackets create a larger nest found on eves and protected locations including behind shutters, porches, attics shrubs etc. hive yellowjacket waspThe hive appears to be a faded tan color with hints of a copper color trimming. Normally the size of a soccer/basketball with an entry/exit location from the bottom when hanging. The paper-like texture is also a key element of improper identification.

In most cases, a wasp is considered beneficial. They are pollinators, their control of tree and shrub destroying insects are to the great pleasure of gardeners unless they are stung. Not to be mistaken by other winged stinging insect-like bees and hornets. Wasp normally can be identified by eye. Their thin waist and legs to the rear flight pattern are almost always a dead give away.


The queen survives winter by hibernating and waiting to reemerge in the warmer weather of spring. She begins to build her hive and laying her eggs. The first set of eggs to mature are usuallyyellojacket wasp hive in window female and can not reproduce and their job is to attend to the queen and her young, continue the construction of the hive and protect the hive. Numbers in the colony can vary, with time and undisturbed, A colony may contain 1,000 or more workers by fall easily. Like several other wasps. The yellow jacket can sting repeatedly. Mostly aggressive when the hive is threatened this wasp will chase you and inform other members of the hive. On average they notice your proximity to their hive about 10 to15 feet away.


This wasp can be difficult to control, most time aerial hives can be indicated high in trees or roof eave.
They can also make hives in the ground under mulch or in a void created by rocks or tree roots.

yellowjacket wasp hive in ceiling

I personally have removed this pest, in ceilings and inside of walls. The pricing and service vary depending on the situation and condition.

Yellow Jackets are aggressive! hives can range from a few hundred to several thousand. the aggressive yellowjacket wasp is normally the stinging insect hanging around human food sources. So careful swatting that ‘bee?’ hovering around your soda can.
Aerial yellow jackets make the almost cartoon typical hive. with workers and defenders close by to attack when threatened.
Hives in the ground or in walls and ceilings are at times difficult due to utilities, wires, and other obstructions. Inspection on best methods to treat is needed

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