Small Black Ants

Small Black Ants

These little nuisance pests are the crawlies that sneaks into your kitchen early morning. they scurry across the counter into the pet food and on the kitchen table.
you may notice them coming from window frames and from around cabinets and around the dishwasher…… ok wait now the Damn things are in the toaster!
NOoOoOoOoooo, why the coffee machine!!!

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Pest Library Description

Little Black Ants

Worker ants are the smallest members of the colony, at only 1/16 inch,
the queen is larger, at 1/8 inch. They have darker coloration and often seen as black or a deep brown. Each nest has only a single queen. Despite their powerful jaws, these ants do not chew, but instead effectively suck the liquid from their food. These insects run their antennae over objects of interest, utilizing sense organs to smell and to feel. As is typical of insects, little black ants also have six legs.


They are also known as sweet ants ironic though because these little nuisances will eat most any food base they can find. Their food habits include bread, grease, pet foods, meats, other dead insects etc. These social ants live in colonies that range from hundreds to thousands.The worker ants of the colony mark the trail by leaving a scent, produced by pheromones, along the way.

Normally the colonies are found underground but you can also locate them under tree barks. They can be found in the backyards of most homes in the united states. The nests can be located anywhere, in trees, under rotten wood and stones. Indoors, they’ll make a home under carpeting, in walls, cracks and openings found in woodwork and the foundation.

Treatment options.

Most sprays for ants are infective in controlling an infestation. However, they can kill on contact.
To eliminate these guys from your home our detailed baiting system is needed.

Our licensed pest management professionals use a scientific and proven method to eliminate the queen and her colony. Our professionals are equipped and prepared to treat mounds voids and colonies with immediate results.


These ants will often crawl into restrooms and laundry areas. As with many pests, they will be plentiful. No sooner than we arrive they are in hiding. We locate indoor and outdoor infestations and eliminate ate the source. Over the counter products can show little relief. In most situations they return in an average of 4 days. We have a 90/10 method that can provide your family or office immediate eradication. while being safe for children and pets. 


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