Paper Wasp

Paper Wasp

Paper wasp are arthropods, they are in the same scientific order as Hymenoptera along with ants and bees. Paper wasp can be a problem inner city and surrounding suburban areas.
Their sting is rated as a level 3 on a scale from 1-4.

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Pest Library Description

The adult Paper Wasp is about 3/4-inch long. This wasp feeds on nectars and other common garden pests including flies. In most situations, you can find this pest’s hive in a weather protected area. Under roof eaves, Doorways, under Awnings and several locations that limit being exposed to rain. Their hive is constructed of dead wood and plant fibers. Their hive can be home to several hundred worker wasp and a queen.


With each colony, the queen is the only survivor over the winter season. In most cases seeking shelter in warmer areas or uniting with other wasp queens until the following spring. Once the queen emerges in April-May she sets off to start the next generation of wasp. Rarely several queens may band together with one being the top dog of the hierarchy. Queens lay eggs in hive cells shaped like octagons. The eggs hatch into wasp larvae, the worker wasp of the hive feed the larva soft insects and plant matter. Once the larva is ready to mature they conceal themselves in their cells and emerge as a wasp. wasp
Paper Wasp

This wasp is often confused with yellow jacket wasp. Paper wasp are most aggressive when their hive is threatened. But overall they have a leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone mannerism. Like most other wasps, they can sting repeatedly. On average there may be about 20-30 adult wasp to a hive with the sterile wasp doing the majority of the chores including feeding the young and building the hive.


Allergic reaction to the sting can be fatal. For treatment of Paper wasp. We highly recommend giving us a call and scheduling as early in the day as possible. All children and pets should remain indoors while service is completed.
Removing the hive is simple. We want to make sure they do not start reconstruction. Our complete service is guaranteed to eliminate this pest.

Nest Looks like a honeycomb dangling hidden or covered areas. Most times in the early evenings you can make a fair assessment of how many are in the colony. Paper wasp have a far more aggressive cousin (Yellow Jacket wasp) that they are most times confused with due to they can look alike at a glance.

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