The Virginia opossum or possum as commonly referred is the only species of marsupial that inhabits North America. Virginia opossums are solitary nocturnal marsupials and are the largest of all opossums. This animal eats most anything and would much rather avoid you. This animal will make its home in several possible places including the attic if available.
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Pest Library Description


this is no winner for the cutest contest, opossum with all the teeth the rat-like tail, and the size! Understandably anyone would 2nd think approaching this critter. Here’re a few things to remember.Opossums are omnivores, they will eat meats and plant material and your garbage containment is a stocked supermarket. Being nature’s compact disposal opossums eat carrion, insects, rodents, pet foods, birds, nuts, berries. Pretty much whatever it can get.


Despite the on average 50 teeth. The opossum will readily run away when faced with troubles from attackers.The most notable scare tactic is a frightening hiss. When all else fails they will readily… yes u guessed it … play possum (play dead). Most animals will not bother a dead animal.

In regards to smarts, opossums are leaders of the class. In a lab when tested for the ability to remember where food is. Opossums scored better than rats, rabbits, cats, dogs. This same critter actually finds its way through a maze faster than the other pest mentioned as well.

In the colder months, you may notice opossum activity during day hours. The reason behind this opossum tails and ears are susceptible, to frostbite. For that reason, they hunt for food in the winter on the nicer days leaving their normally underground dens.

Diseases and viruses

Opossums are 8 times less likely to have rabies than most wildlife. The fact is opossums are mostly immune to rabies. Other possible vectors include leptospirosis, tuberculosis, relapsing fever, tularemia, spotted fever, toxoplasmosis, coccidiosis, trichomoniasis, and Chagas disease etc.

Despite opossums foraging through garbage and eating remains and carrion. They are remarkably clean animals notably cleaner than most animals. Another interesting fact is opossums have immunity to most pit vipers venoms including cottonmouth, rattlesnakes.

Our Service(s)

Trapping for these critters can be tricky. however in most situations calls come in regards to an opossum that has trapped its self. In these instances, an animal snare is used to extract the animal and place him safely into trapping. Live trapping complications are normally trapping of other unwanted animals feral cats, small dogs, rats, raccoon or even skunks.
Locating the opossums  temporary den is important for greater capture success.

This animal is commonly misunderstood because of its appearance. Contrary to popular belief this animal is beneficial. Opossum eats ticks that carry lime disease. Also eating other small rodents snakes and insects commonly found in gardens ad yards. Nature’s natural grounds keeper! They ar normally quiet animals but will rumble, growl and hiss When confronted or cornered. They will display their teeth and snap, almost all of which is a hopeful bluff. opossum won’t bother you if you don’t bother it.


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