Mice or Mouse

Mice or Mouse

The furry blur running behind the oven, the little scurrying creature you noticed sprint behind the fridge. Mice have seemed to have gotten bolder, smarter over the years. when dealing with mice in your home, child care or business. The attention to detail is vital in successfully eliminating and riding of this year around pest.

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Pest Library Description

Mice elimination requires physical and mechanical alterations.

Mice are believed to be the most abundant mammal in the united states. House mice are about 6 to 8 inches including their tail. Their tail is nearly hairless and scaly.
house mice weigh around 1/2-1 ounce. These nuisance pest come in various shades of grey fur. They are omnivores with a preference for grain and nuts. However, this rodent will eat whatever food sources are available. It is several things to consider when dealing with mice in our home. They reproduce rapidly, averaging between 5-8 litters a year with 4–16 young per litter. With the female offspring able to reproduce at just 2 months age.


This rodent species does not hibernate and are active all year around.
Over the wintering months, mice enter homes in a number of ways. Mainly to gain warmth and food sources. The house mouse is an acrobat and can easily fit through most holes and openings. It has been recorded that they can fit into a hole the diameter of a dime. With poor visibility, this pest relies on their other senses to help them navigate. Mice have bowel movements frequently in part to mark territories that have been explored.  A single house mouse produces between 40 and 100 droppings per day.

Disease and Virus

Mice can transmit Hantavirus and Salmonella and at least 200 other human pathogens.
They generally make their nest in close distance to food sources. Their interaction with food sources contaminates. With filthy fur and fleas, the indications of infestations are not hard to find and remedy.

Our Service

We eliminate rodent entry points with specific exclusion techniques. We proudly remove and replace furniture appliances for optimal elimination and control. While maintaining safety for our children and pets.
We discreetly place bait station and all pest control methods out of consumers view to allow discretion and remain effective.

 Mice elude traps and baits if not placed properly  in active areas. proper storage of food products greatly reduces contamination.  This rodent gains most the water they drink from the food they consume. They often gnaw on wires and cause fires.

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