The insect that has a long told story.

You probably have heard. “Don’t sleep on the floor they will crawl in your ear and…” The reality is most if not any crawling insect can enter the ear.


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Pest Library Description



Are one the most confused insects. The alarming sight of
their forceps cause panic! Earwigs-pinch-bug, the thought of the sting or as some say the
bite, is enough to cause fear.
Contrary to this ideology, these insects are generally harmless. They
do not secrete a venom and they are not poisonous. Their pinchers
(forceps) are a defense mechanism
used as a last resort and in some cases to hold prey (other insects).
Several people over the years have called in for service with this
pest. Some have fears that they will crawl into their ears and damage
sensitive areas of the ear. Some people assume this based solely on the
name EARWIG. It is believed the name comes from the shape of their
wings when extended. (it resembles the human ear in shape)


Although mostly nocturnal,  you may find active earwigs in
dark damp corners of your basement or under mulch in your garden.
Fossil evidence suggests that earwigs have been here since middle
Jurrasic time and a variant species with an even earlier date.

Earwig Myths

They do not crawl into your ear and lay eggs on your brain. However,
that would make a great story line for the zombie apocalypse.
The common earwig is an omnivore eating plants lice and other insects
and carrion.

Pet Safety.

These little crawlers pose no real threat to your pets and children.


Eliminating moisture is the start. These little critters will hide
most damp dark places. Commonly in homes built on slabs, or with lower
crawl spaces we get several calls during the late spring summer months.
Discovered a”colony” of 60-100 under a concrete step that was poorly
placed leaving a huge gap between the wall and ground. With the
addition of leaves and debris moisture and hiding spaces, a detailed
treatment was done. The home owner grew concerned with seeing maybe 10
in her home and around the door a night.

I remember when I was very young. My grand mother would sprinkle cayenne
pepper in her yard and around the sub basement windows. She said “it
keeps the pincher bugs away”  I don’t recall seeing many around
afterward but then again I was young and bugs didn’t bother me. But
feel free to let us know yours do it yourself rememdies
There are about 1,700 species of earwigs. It is believed that most insects
are closely related to earwigs. Although earwigs are if  not
the only but of the few insects with different organs in each antenna


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