Cluster flies, House, Face Flies

Cluster flies, House, Face Flies

Hundreds of flies at the window or is it the flies cover a wall in your home. They fly around aimlessly landing on any surface possible. In the evening swarming to light fixtures. It’s an invasion they are everywhere. Thankfully these critters can be eliminated relatively easily with simple practices.

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Pest Library Description

Cluster Flies; Cluster
A very common and unfortunate experience. Many people throughout North America have to experience with each year, is the Invasion of the Cluster Flies. They are scientifically known by the name Pollenia rudis. Their little habit as a mature fly,  to hide and survive the cold months of winter. Emerging in spring or warm winter days.


Another annoying habit they have is flying into your face or plopping down on your shirt. These are pretty sluggish fliers, particularly when they are first coming out of the hiding places and they don’t dodge things in front of them very well. They drop onto a surface to rest.

Flies and Sanitation

Unfortunately, the Cluster Fly is not particularly discriminating in its choice of winter abodes. Other than choosing a place where it can hide. Whereas the “filth” flies such as the House Fly or the shiny Blow Flies are looking for dead animals or rotting garbage. The Cluster Fly does not seek such a habitat for its own larvae. As it turns out, the larva of the Cluster Fly (the “maggot” stage) eats earthworms.

Because they are not breeding in some unsanitary condition that can be cleaned up. The control of Cluster Flies cannot take place at the larval level, as most other kinds of fly control will require.

Flies that are similar

A second species of fly, called the Face Fly. Often does the very same thing, although it’s larvae live in animal and livestock droppings. Sanitation steps that can be taken to minimize the populations of adults. The Face Fly is a close relative of the House Fly and is recognized by its shiny appearance, The ideal solution for keeping any unwanted living organism from invading your home is to close off those places that they enter.

Our Treatment

Since the flies may be present in large numbers and are likely inhabiting hidden areas that you cannot easily get into. We specialize in pest elimination have a variety of handy tools to use for this pest.

In the fall season, you may find several flies on the outside wall of your home. This is an early indication that they are looking to use your home for their winter hibernation location. Moisture is a serious need for most all insects. In the case of cluster flies they can infest walls that hold water without proper drainage, including damp basements and crawl spaces.


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