House Centipedes

House Centipedes

Darting across the floor scurrying under the cabinets. Lurking on the wall is this predator! You notice what appears to be a million legs. you grab a shoe and several legs are swiftly on the move faster than a speeding bullet. Maybe your wife called and described something of Jurassic nature in the kitchen and all meals are on halt until further notice!

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Pest Library Description

Centipedes are natures Pest Control Operators.

This yellow and brownish creature with multi-legs is probably one of the most misunderstood pests, in our home. Although these critters look like something right out of your favorite horror movie. These pests are believed it or not, are beneficial. Here is a quick overview of a few things that you should know about house centipedes.

All centipedes are predators, seeking out other insects. In most cases when you spot a centipede in your home, it is likely that you have a feeding source. (normally other insects/bugs)

The front set of legs on a centipede is not legs at all. These modified legs are actually a form of fangs called forcipules and are unique to centipedes.

Forcipules hold the venom used to subdue its prey. The bite from a house centipede to human although rare it may cause slight discomfort to the localized area.

House centipedes have 15 pairs of legs. I remember naming them “a thousand leggers” as a child. They never have an even number of legs and also have a pair of legs for each segment of its body.

These creatures are built for speed. Their speed adds to the fear… Imagine fast moving, multi-leg, venomous creature taking a brisk jog around the living room.

They do Bite

The bite from a house centipede rarely induces serious effects in humans. It may cause swelling and irritation. The venom of house centipedes is extremely dangerous to other household pest Bed bugs, Roaches etc. House centipedes generally do not attempt to bother humans. In reality, house centipedes are natural pest management professionals. in some areas of the world, they are even considered pets. House centipede stings/bites rarely occur. These centipedes can be found in homes all over the world. Is the elimination of this pest needed? Yes in some situations.

Our treatment(s)

Basic treatment includes detailed inspection. and a pesticide treatment.

Severe treatments are primarily mechanical. identifying moist or damp areas in your home or around your home.

Sump pumps, drains, and crawl spaces add several possible locations if your location is on a slab also may add to this problem. Most important to treatment is to identify and eliminate the centipedes food source i.e. another pest.

 Population control is a key factor in determining is this out of control. Seeing a centipede in your home is absolutely normal. I recommend seeking service when infant children and the elderly are in close interaction.   Seeing more than in a month is a good indication that u should consider pest control.


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