Bed bugs, Bed-bugs, or Bedbugs

Bed bugs, Bed-bugs, or Bedbugs

Are common in today’s society. These parasitic monsters have no discrimination when it comes to infestations. Bed bugs can be found practically anywhere schools, churches, strip malls, taxis, buses etc. Between 2007-current, our bed bug treatments have tripled. Once in our locations, these critters reproduce rapidly. They spread throughout, in search of their next meal. Let’s cut to the cold hard facts.

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Bed bugs: Inspection, Treatment, Elimination, Certification

Do bed bugs transmit disease and virus?

Currently, a scientist has discovered bed bugs to carry at least 28 human pathogens, however to date none has been accounted for as far as being transmitted by bed bugs to humans by direct bites. In 2014, University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine, Michael Z. Levy, Ph.D. Has found evidence that transmission of disease is possible. Read the article here.

Do the bed bug bombs work?

In real life situations no, these aerosol fogs release a chemical to cover an area. Bed bugs are a crawling, cracks crevice problem. They will often go deeper into hiding into walls ceilings and furniture in the presence of over the counter chemicals. bedbugs bed bugs With the surface treatment that these foggers provide, in the most cases compound and make matters worst! No licensed/certified P.M.P. (pest management Professional) would utilize foggers for any crawling insect infestation, it simply does not work.

Who pays for bed bug treatment Landlord or Tenant?

With most situations, it is hard to determine, who is responsible and be that as it may we are no Lawyers. However, we can point out several things to consider.

  • Check your lease, pest control may or may not be a term of the agreement.

  • Request a pest control inspection prior to moving in. This is also a valuable tool for landlords to display a pest free environment and showing it is guaranteed by a licensed company.

  • Tenants have been accused of moving in with bed bugs and Landlords have been accused of masking the signs of bed bugs

  • It boils down to who can prove what, certified inspections can eliminate the need to point fingers and protects the tenants and Landlords best interest.


Can bed bugs come from my neighbor in a row home situation?

Yes, they can crawl/travel through walls (cracks), however, this more likely in multi-family dwellings. Also more likely when neighbors frequent each other’s homes.

Can bed bugs just bite me and not my spouse or kids?

Yes, this has been a situation we have come in across frequently. Like many other parasites bed bugs need a blood host this can be your pets, your children, you. Although bed bugs transmit no known diseases. The saliva used during their biting could be considered an anesthetic. Bite reaction could be adverse, some describe the bite similarity to a mosquito or spider bite and some people show no noticeable evidence.

Our Service Treatment(s)

Our licensed chemical treatments are systematic. We completely eradicate the life cycle of bed bugs within 2 to 3 treatments, killing at all developmental levels. We recommend complete treatments in severe


bedbugs bed bugs eggs
bedbug egg

situations. We also treat single room instances, early detection is important. Our no chemical natural heat treatment is truthfully more expensive and just as detailed.
This treatment is recommended in some of the most severe situations. However this treatment is always available as an option, pricing may vary depending on the size of location etc. All of our bed bug treatments come with a complimentary 6 month follow up. It is our attention to detail that allows us to continue to be number 1 for bed bug services.

Well, bed bugs are just a pain in the… wallet! We offer lower pricing, easy financing, and several payment options.

Also, we will provide service certifications upon request. No matter your choice in service provider. We can provide a detailed Need to be done list.

In most cases by the time you visibly notice the bed bugs. You have an infestation. We recommend calling for service or an inspection day one.

Feel to contact us the first bite, the first night. Action needed in controlling this pest can be the difference in several hundred dollars.


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bed bug service

we used your service a little over a year ago. some one recently called for a follow up. we haven't seen a bed bug since the last treatment!!! amazing! and great payment option thanks again..I wish I knew the techs name that came he was outstanding.

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